TN Emis App Download Update | How to TN Emis ICT Training for Teachers?

what is TN Emis app?

TN Emis app helps students, teachers, parents, and the education department to come together for healthy interactions and feedback.

The Tamil Nadu Emis app can deliver a channel for a continuous flow of information between various stakeholders (viz parents, teachers, and others).

tn emis app download ict training

How to TN Emis mobile app download?

The TN Emis mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

All you need to do is install the app from the Playstore.

How to install & Update to TN Emis New Version?

The latest version of the TN Emis new version is possible to download from third-party app stores easily.

The apk app versions are present in direct download links provided in the third-party app store.

Make sure you have adjusted your Menu Settings, from the Security tab.

You will have to check on the box which allows downloads of apk versions from unknown sources.

How to do registration for TN Emis ict training for Teachers?

You can register yourself for the TN Emis ICT Training arranged for teachers using the steps mentioned here.

  • Login to TN Emis app with your username and login password.
  • Once you log in, you get two options- OOSC and Teacher Training.
  • Next, you must choose your block.
  • Choose the school name from the dropdown.
  • Now click on the save option.

The TN Emis ICT training can be easily taken once you’re registered with the app.

How to use TN Emis APP?

Once you login these are the usual steps that come forth for you.

  • You can see the TN Diksha app, e-Learn, Tamil Nadu Teacher’s portal, School Education Department, and School Education workplace.
  • You can use all these options from the TN Emis app.
  • TN Diksha app is for those who wish to access different digital content linked to energized textbooks.
  • E-learn provides thousands of digital content that can be learned from anywhere at any point in time.
  • Tamil Nadu Teacher’s portal provides teachers and learning resources for teachers.
  •  School Education Department is also linked here 
  • Public participation portals bring alumni of government schools together.

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