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Smashy Brick Game for Android 2024

Imagine stepping into a really fun game called Smashy Brick. It’s not your regular brick-breaking game; it’s something super special! Some really enthusiastic students from the University of Washington in Seattle created it. What makes it so cool is that it has a new and exciting way to play that you won’t find in other games like it. Once you start playing, you might find yourself playing for hours because it’s just that much fun!

Unlock Videogamedunkey as a Free Playable Character

Hey, get excited for even more fun! In Smashy Brick, you can unlock Videogamedunkey, who’s a really famous person on YouTube. And guess what? You can play as him in the game for free! It’s like seeing the game from his perspective, which adds a whole new level of excitement to breaking bricks and having a blast!

Featured in Dunkey’s Best of 2016

smashy brick game

Smashy Brick is so awesome that it made it to Dunkey’s Best of 2016 list! That’s a big deal because Dunkey is really popular and knows a lot about games. Lots of other people who love games have also noticed how cool Smashy Brick is. Join them and see for yourself the special charm and excitement this game has to offer!

Taco Bell Indie Game Garage Winner:

And that’s not all the good news! Smashy Brick also won the Taco Bell Indie Game Garage award! This award is a big deal and shows just how creative and dedicated the people who made the game are. It’s like a stamp of approval saying that Smashy Brick is super awesome and worth playing.

Gameplay Features:

121 Handcrafted Levels

Get ready for an epic journey through space with Smashy Brick! You’ll have a blast playing through 121 carefully crafted levels, each one packed with new challenges to overcome. It’s like embarking on a thrilling adventure, breaking bricks and conquering obstacles along the way.

So brace yourself and get ready to explore the galaxy, one brick at a time!

12 Characters with Unique Powers

In Smashy Brick, you’ll meet Flamey and a bunch of other characters, each with their own special powers. There are 12 characters in total, and as you play, you can collect them all. Each character has something different they can do to help you smash bricks even better.

So gather them up and see how their unique abilities can make your brick-bashing skills even more awesome!

Free to Play

Guess what? Smashy Brick is totally free to play! That means anyone can join in on the fun without having to spend any money. And here’s the best part: if you want to keep playing without any interruptions, you can! There are some ads in the game, but they’re optional and won’t bother you while you’re playing. So dive in and enjoy all the excitement of Smashy Brick without spending a dime!

Proudly Independent

Smashy Brick is made by a small team of students from the University of Washington in Seattle. They worked really hard to create this game, and you can tell because it’s filled with their passion and creativity.

This is their very first game, and they put a lot of love into making it just right. They’re super excited to hear what you think about it, so don’t hesitate to share your feedback with them!


Get ready for an amazing adventure with Smashy Brick, the game that changes the way you look at brick-breaking fun! With carefully crafted levels, cool characters, and praise from gamers everywhere, Smashy Brick is a shining example of what young developers can achieve with creativity and hard work. So jump into this galaxy-destroying journey and tell us what you think – your feedback means the world to our aspiring team!

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