How to delete Cash App Account History/Activity [2022]?

Cash app is one of the trending apps in the finance niche. This app has seen huge growth and as its user base has increased a lot, people want to get more out of this app. In order to use this app at its maximum potential, one must need to understand various aspects of this app. 

One of the most Frequently asked questions about this app is related to its transaction history. So let us see all the details related to transfer history in the cash app.

How to delete cash app account history/activity?

delete cash app account history

History in any app is like your record of what things you have done. Just by looking at the history, many things about you can be revealed with that much data. So it is obvious that people want to delete their history. 

With other apps, it can be an easy process, but when it comes to the cash app, you cannot delete your history. Your cash history is like digital proof of the transactions, so we recommend you to stick with the cash app and do not try to delete your history by any other means.

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How to check cash app account history?

Just carry out the three easy steps given below to check your history on the cash app account:

Step 1: Download the cash app and sign in using your account

Step 2: Click on the statement button that you can see in the top right corner.

Step 3: click on the monthly statements option, and you can view your transaction history.

How to hide cash app history?

As already mentioned above, the transaction history is like permanent records of your transaction. So you cannot delete or hide your transaction history. By using some unfair means you can somehow manage to hide it, but that is an illegal way. If you are caught doing such things, then severe action can be taken against you. 

Still, if you want to keep your transaction history private then you can go to your phone settings, click on the phone and security options and keep a password or pattern to unlock the cash app. In this way, your transaction history can be hidden from everyone. You can even use 3rd party apps that can help you to hide the entire app and you can visit the app using a secured pin.


Can you Clear Cash App History?

No, you cannot clear your transaction history in the cash app.

Can you delete the transaction history on Cash App?

No, there is no way that you can delete your transaction history in the cash app.

Can I hide transaction history from Cash App?

No, you can use a password or pattern to unlock your app, or you can directly hide the app. But you cannot hide the transaction history from the app itself.

Final words

So this was all related to the transaction history of the cash app. We hope that you are clear with the things and can operate the app at its maximum potential. If you have any other doubts Feel free to contact us by commenting below.

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