How to USE Boba App? Boba Drink Reviews-Is it Good or Bad?

What is Boba app?

The bubble drink is the new favorite of many people. The drink is so famous that most of the stores selling it always land up having huge queues.

With the coming of the Boba app, this problem is solved. Now you can simply order your Boba tea or drink, anywhere, anytime. Once you’re in the location, you need to simply pick up our delivery from the store you’ve ordered your drink.

The app connects to different outlets that sell the Boba drink. All you need to do is place an order and then collect your Boba from the outlet.

how to use boba app

How to install boba app?

Boba app is downloaded almost every day by someone or the other from the Google Playstore and Apple AppStore. Downloading it is easy and free.

How to use boba app to order Boba Drink?

Using the Boba app to order your Boba drink is fairly simple.

  • Register with the app once you have downloaded it from the appstore.
  • Confirm your phone number by entering the validation OTP into the provided space.
  • When registered a map will open up for you. The map will indicate Boba stores in and around your location. Location tracking permissions need to be given to the app.
  • Select your favorite outlet and then choose any one or many of the Boba flavors provided in the list of the store chosen.
  • If you’re not sure which Boba drink you wish to order, you can use the Randomize feature.
  • To use it, you will have to shake your phone and the app will select one of the Boba flavors on your behalf.
  • Pay for the drink using any of the payment methods present in the app.
  • Visit the store, collect your Boba drink and enjoy.

App Features

Features that have led to the use for the app more and more includes;

  • Location feature helps you track the best Boba stores near you.
  • Discounts and exclusive deals come up on the site.
  • Your favorite Boba places can be added to the app.
  • New Boba flavors available in your location on a particular day pop up when you’re searching for a new flavor.

Boba Reviews

People who hate queues and love the Boba drink are enjoying the app. They are leaving positive reviews for it. The Playstore scores for the app are more than 4.5. However, some do not want to encourage youngsters to consume the Boba drink. Reviews from such people often mar the entire review system.


Why is boba banned in some places?

In Germany, a 14-year-old boy was found to have pearl particles in his stomach. The boy complained of abdominal pain soon after consuming the Boba drink. It is, therefore, not encouraged in children.

What does Boba TEA taste like?

Whacky combos and smoothies often are a top choice for youngsters. Boba drinks, therefore, go well with such a population often always.

Can 11-year-olds drink boba?

Claims state health implications are observed in those consuming the Boba drink. It – not been proven by any tests so far. But consumption of Boba drinks is, therefore, not encouraged in children and teens. Mostly above 15-year-olds can go for it.

Does boba good or bad for you?

Boba drinks are often prepared from a combination of a lot of things. Often Boba drinks can combine different flavors, use different types of ingredients. Candies, lemonades, and sugar syrups are the commonest ingredients in Boba drinks.

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