NI direct High Street voucher scheme application online

What is NI Direct High Street Voucher?

The NI direct High’ Street Voucher is the official card for people who are living in Northern Ireland. This card will help these people who will get the card to get a good amount of free retail therapy. Anyone who is 18 and above can apply for this card.

This scheme will get you a prepaid card which has a value of worth £100 which will allow these people to spend their local high street by the medium of High Street Stimulus (HSS). Thus the application to this is known as the NI Direct High Street Voucher.

ni direct high street voucher scheme

How to apply for NI direct high street voucher scheme application online?

If the applicant is 18 and above one can easily apply for the NI direct High Street voucher scheme online. To do the same all one needs to do is just follow the steps that are written below:-

  • First and foremost register yourself to the High Street Scheme online on the NI direct website that is –
  • Next tap on the option which says “apply for the local scheme.”
  • Next, fill in all the details that they ask for, such as one’s name, date of birth, any sort of disability, address, number, gender, NI number, etc.
  • You will receive a confirmation email which you need to tap on for confirmation.

How to do NI direct high street voucher scheme registration Offline?

To apply to the NI direct high street voucher scheme one first needs to register himself or herself first at the NI direct official website. The official website is and from there one needs to first tap on “apply to spend a local prepaid card”. They will ask for the email and after the email is confirmed one will get successfully registered.

How to use NI Direct HIGH Street Vouchers?

One can use the card in the following few ways:-

  • In any business which approves of any sort of debit or credit card. This can be through both swipe and pin terminals.
  • You can use it through your phone to purchase any item but for that SMS verification is required.

How to Check High Street Voucher Application Status?

The card is usually delivered within 5 weeks. If you still want to know the status then you can call here on phone – 08000 468 333

Application last Date?

The last date of application for the high street vouchers is the 30th of November. After that whether further applications will open or not there is no confirmation yet from the authorities. 

How long are high street vouchers valid for?

The high street voucher card scheme is valid up till November 2021. After November 2021 one cannot use the card and any balance in the card shall be transferred to the Department of Economy. This is the update that the department of Economy has given to date and any further uses of the card are till now not stated.

How to get a High Street Voucher Prepaid Card?

If the applicant is eligible and is 18 and above the applicant can get the card. For getting the High Street Voucher Prepaid Card all one needs to do is follow the steps that are written below:-

  • First, register yourself on the official website
  • Confirm the mail id 
  • The next step is to login 
  • Then tap on apply and fill in all the details
  • Then one needs to submit the form 

 This is the online application method. For offline use, the applicant needs to call them and do further proceedings.

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