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What is the app?

If you plan to download and use different customised kernels for your device, then try hktweaks apk.

It can be adapted for use in devices that are SOC based and used on Samsung Exynos. MoroGoku’s MTweak app was forked onto creating hktweaks xda is your kernel managing app specifically designed for tweaking Samsung xda. 

What is the hktweaks app_

To overclock any smartphone, you would need 

– A custom kernel

– A managing app for your kernel

– A rooted device

  • Open & from the CPU open the menu. 
  • Scroll down to click on CPU Big Max Frequency & select the one that is the highest frequency. 
  • Then tap on the CPU lowest frequency 
  • Further, browse to click on CPU Big Governor and tap on Performance. 
  • Click for booting the application. 
  • From the Menu choose HMP 
  • Click on the preset button aside from the Performance tab. 
  • Click further on GPU from the Menu after tapping to boot the application. 
  • Now select the GPU maximum and minimum frequency. 
  • From the Menu, choose the low memory killer option to prevent huge memory loss with the app use 
  • Keep it on very aggressive mode, click to reboot and restart.
  • Remember each time you try to better the performance there will be a toll on the battery life.

How to Download Hktweaks apk?

For installing & hktweaks download, follow the below instructions.

  • If you’re not aware of JSON format, visit jsoneditoronline to get a hang of this format.
  • To determine, if your system is supported by Kernel Adiutor, open the application and search for the download section.
  • If it is supported then proceed with kernel support and if there is no support, then go ahead and download. json.
  • Once you have downloaded the Kernel Adiutor folder now edit your device’s database. 
  • Edit the database and create a database for this particular downloaded kernel
  • After the changes are done, you can now further download hktweaks from any of the third-party sources.
  • But make sure to download apps from third party sources, you must visit Menu>Settings>Security>Unknown sources.

Features of App

Below are a few of the hktweaks apks features;

hktweaks battery settings and IO schedulers adapted for S7 are added for use.

– Voltage settings help change all the voltages either at the same time or at different times.

– GPU settings, GPU thermal control, wake lock settings, spectrum and added temperature settings.

This is all about Application I Hope you enjoyed.

Thank you.

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