How to Apply for Tesco Clubcard Online Step by Step Guide?

Tesco Clubcard allow you to save money while spending in the form of rewards. 

What is Tesco Clubcard application?

Apply Tesco Clubcard
  • Now, it is possible for you to apply personally, online or by phone. You can also apply by text message. 
  • Initially you will get a temporary card. 
  • Fill out other forms given to you, that will help you to get a permanent card. 
  • The points that you earn on your temporary card will be transferred to the permanent one. 

How to Apply for Tesco Clubcard online?

  • Visit the Clubcard page or website. You have to enter your complete name, address, mobile number, date of birth, UK postcode, and email address. 
  • Then, you have to scroll down to the end of the page. Enter the security code mentioned there. 
  • Press Confirm. 
  • Sign up for the Tesco Clubcard now. 
  • After you have logged in, you need to click on ‘My Clubcard Account’. Fill out the complete form. Check your Clubcard points and the Clubcard statement, as well. 
  • The physical card will reach your mail box. 

What Are Tesco Clubcard Application Requirements?

  • You should be a regular shopper at Tesco stores and Fuel pumps. 
  • You must be 18 years old. 

Who is Eligible?

Read the above eligibility requirements. It is the same as above requirements. 

How to get Tesco Clubcard application form?

You can get the Tesco application form from the customer service desk at their store. They will give you a physical form. You can fill it there itself and then submit. 

Is Tesco Clubcard free?

The Tesco Clubcard is free. You can use it on any phone set, like Android or iPhone.
How long does Tesco Clubcard application take?

  • After filling out the physical form, you can get your Clubcard in two days-time. However, it is the temporary card that you will get. To get the physical card, you have to wait for 10 days. 
  • If you are doing the application online, you have to give at least 24 hours, between the application and registration time. 
  • You will be able to earn points in the meantime. 
  • You will get the Clubcard Number by email. 
  • You can take the number to the customer service desk, when you visit the store. The agent will be happy to add your points to your card. 

Now, you care all set to use the club card. Buy or refill at Tesco grocery or fuel pump. 


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