Earn Money From Tello Talk Money App FB Biography Zaher Tech

Tello Talk Money App- In today’s world, Whatsapp has managed to set a benchmark when it comes to the ideal messaging app. Inspired by it, entrepreneurs and developers from many countries have developed their messaging apps. Some of them are pretty good too. The best example is Telegram and Hike messenger. Now, we need to add one more application to this seemingly never-ending list. This is none other than Pakistan’s Tello Talk.

If you don’t know what Tello Talk is and what it is capable of doing, then this article is just for you.

What Is Tello Talk Money App?

tello talk money app fb biography

Tello Talk Money App is a messaging app, like Whatsapp. Apart from sending text messages, you can also make a video or voice call to your loved ones. However, there’s much more to it than sending messages and making high-quality calls. Not only that, but you can also get access to video streaming services, mobile games, music, and much more than you can imagine.

How To Earn Money From Tello Talk Money App FB Biography?

Even though the options through which you can earn money on this application are pretty limited, you still can earn money pretty easily. All you have to do is to refer this app to your friends and relatives. Once they join Tello Talk using your referral link, you can get money.

How To Use Tello Talk Money App?

Tello Talk App can be used for messaging, making high-quality and stable video and voice calls to people, etc. If you have a 2G network, still you will be able to make calls from Tello Talk. To use Tello Talk, first, you need to make an ID on it. Once you have made your Tello Talk ID, you can start messaging your friends available on the platform.

Tello Talk Money App Biography Zaher Tech?

Tello Talk has been designed and created by Zaher Tech, Pakistan’s native analytics company. They also provide app and software development solutions.

Who Is The Owner Of the Tello talk Money App?

Adnan Lotia and Shahbaz Jamote are the owners of Tello Talk. While Adnan Lotia is the COO of Tello Talk, Jamote is the CEO of the messaging app and the parent organization.

What Are The Features Of Tello Talk?

Tello Talk comes with an enormous number of features. They include:

  1. Messaging: Just like Whatsapp, Tello Talk has made it extremely easy to message anyone on the platform.
  2. Making calls: Making voice and video calls is not an issue. You can make high-quality calls without any hassle. Even on a 2G network, stable calls can be made.
  3. Music: You can integrate the music you listen to with Tello Talk.
  4. Video streaming services: Yes, you read it right. Tello Talk also comes with video streaming services.
  5. News: Tello Talk also contains everything that you need to know that’s going on in this world.


So now you know what a great app is Pakistan’s native and its own Tello Talk. When it comes to messaging, or any app as a whole, Tello Talk is like an all-rounder. What’s even better is that you can earn money from it as well.

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