How to Pikashow v62 v64 App Apk Download [Latest Version 2021]

We are in the hours when COVID-19 haunts us and every day we try to find out better ways of hoping. But there is just a very few stuff that can help us feel better to hope again. One of them being movies, and that is what people are heading to, even though there are just a few releases that have happened past last year.

The best way to catch up on movies is by downloading an app that brings you the best of movies anytime, anywhere. One such app is the Pikashow app.

pikashow app v62, v64 app apk download

What is the Pikashow v62 App?

The Pikashow v62 app brings you movies from both Hollywood and Bollywood. The app offers a wide range of choices starting from comedy, romance, horror, action movies, and many more other such choices can be surfed from when using the Pikashow v62 app.

It also brings dramas, TV shows, and more video content. 

How to download Pikashow v62 app apk on Android?

To download the Pikashow v62 app apk on Android you will have to toggle the switch to allow downloads from unknown sources to happen easily and all you need to do is move to the Security Settings from the menu of your Android device.

  • Click on the download button from any third-party appstore which offers the app to you and the one you trust.
  • Next complete the human verification process as per the requirements of the third-party appstore.
  • Once downloaded click on the Install button and wait for the installation process to complete.

How to install the Pikashow v62 app?

After downloading simply run the app on your Android device and then click on the Install tab to make space for the installation.

App Features

Several features make the app a favorite with its users like

– Ability to download videos to watch them later.

– TV channels are available and favorite TV shows and movies can be easily accessed through them.

– The interface is quite friendly and easy to use.

– The play store warning which popped up is already fixed.

– It is free of cost and the app can be used anywhere anytime.

– The app offers support through chat.


The app is free of cost. You will never need to pay any money ever for whatever movies or series you watch via the app.


The movies might have a larger download time often than required.

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