How to Download Halo Waypoint Beta App for iOS & Android [2022]?

  • What is halo waypoint beta app?

Halo Waypoint is a companion app of Halo:Reach. It is an app which monitors the players’ performance in the game and also features a multiplayer map pack. It shows overhead maps and location of different items like weapons and vehicles.

The halo Waypoint app also offers five custom challenges which can be played by inviting friends and completing he challenges. You can pick up the game type, goal, time limit, and the amount. The app also serves as a great statistics tracker. The app is currently only available for Android devices. 

Apart from this, you can access career progress, game stats, game history, campaign progress, and weapon stats too with the help of the Halo Waypoint beta app.

When is the halo waypoint app coming out?

Download Halo Waypoint Beta App

Halo waypoint app release date is scheduled for August or early September. Currently beta flight tests are running and the previous Halo Infinite beta flight ran from Thursday, July 29, 2021 to Monday, August 2, 2021. The beta flight test took place on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, plus Windows 10 PCs via Steam.

How to Download halo waypoint app for iOS?

Currently the app is not available for iOS devices.

Halo waypoint app For Android?

The app is available as APK files for downloading on the Android devices. You can click the APK file and download it. Then, you can install the app by running the file but you must ensure to enable the “download file from unknown sources” option in your Android device from the Settings & Security section.


  • The app offers plenty of stats related to the game.
  • You can create customized challenges.
  • You can view multiplayer information.
  • It also offers a multiplayer map pack called Atlas.


The app is still in the beta testing phase and hence is yet to receive any reviews.

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