Fact Sheet

Name of Game

Smashy Brick


Tyler Brown & Nicholas Kaman

Team Members

Isaac Rothstein, Felix Peaslee, William Zhou

Release Date

December 2015


iOS, Android




Smashy Brick is a free to play mobile brick-breaking game where the player draws trampolines to bounce ball-like characters called “Smashies” at brick-formations. Each smashy has it’s own unique traits that change the gameplay and player strategy dramatically. For example, Bomby explodes when he touches bricks and Spidey slings webs and acts as a wrecking ball.

As the player progresses through the game, they will earn coins which can be used to unlock smashies. Unlocking smashies involves spending coins to play a token-drop mini-game called Pachinko. Coins cannot be purchased with money and only earned from good gameplay. In order to win, the player must unlock as many smashies as possible and master the skills of accuracy, timing, and smashy selection.


•     90 hand crafted levels
•     12 unique unlockable Smashies
•     40 Achievements
•     Special Marathon Mode
•     An un-obtrusive free-to-play system



The game was conceived in March of 2015 by University of Washington students Nicholas Kaman and Tyler Brown. After meeting each other at the local game dev club, Tyler pitched an idea for a mobile game where the player draws trampolines to bounce bombs at bricks. After Nick changed the airplanes to cute little characters with special abilities, they knew they had something special. Six months later, they are now working with a team of five students to create their first game.

From Left: William Zhou (marketing), Tyler Brown (creative producer), Nicholas Kaman (lead developer), Felix Peaslee (sound design)

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    From Left: Co-Creators Nicholas Kaman & Tyler Brown

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    Smashy Brick development team meeting


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